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So I have a BIG announcement!
I signed up for skating lessons today!!!
Eight of them to be exact.

Yeah, I signed up for group lessons at the rink in the ghetto.
It’s way cheap and I’ll be in the Intermediate/Advanced Adult Class.
Advanced as in Olympic level.
Also intermediate.

So I’m excited, the rink looks new and clean with plenty of parking. And this is the Skating School class structure:

Week 1 Evaluation & Introduction
Instructors will evaluate students and ensure you are in the correct class for your skill level. Instructors will introduce all the moves you will be learning in the several classes to come.

Week 3 & 5 Quiz
Your instructor will quiz you on a few maneuvers you’ve learned and let you know how you are doing.

Week 7/8 Progress Report
You will be tested on each maneuver you’ve learned and receive a progress report. Students who are ready to move onto the next level will receive a certificate.


And I’m super excited about being in group lessons again. I love group lessons (as long as I’m not the worst one in the group) and I’m excited to see who my instructor will be! Although I feel like I should somehow warn them.


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I got to ice skate at the beach!
Well, I’m pretty sure it was ice; it might have been plastic coated with frost.
But it was cool!
Well, actually it was pretty hot – it was on the beach!

And I skated at my new rink yesterday.
I didn’t really like it, but I never like anything at first.
The ice felt weird, they make you wear a sticker to show you paid (which wasn’t very sticky and of course I worried about it falling off and skating over it) and even though it was a school day there were a bunch of kids there.
But the music was OK and I like that it’s in a mall below the food court, maybe having an audience will improve my performance skills… If anyone’s watching, I mean I have to compete against a hot dog on a stick.

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I tried out a new rink yesterday. It was nice – and I saw Angela Maxwell practicing! – but either the staff has never seen “Ice Castles” or they are one sick bunch.

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MY New Rink

I skated at my new rink this week. It’s obviously not the same as my old rink – my friends weren’t there, the staff wasn’t accomodating and funny, none of my coaches were there and it was COLD!

But there were only five skaters over three hours and some lady told me it’s never crowded there -so that’s awesome.

I know, I said awesome but I’m not feeling it.

Soon enough I will feel awesome there – since it is MY rink! Actually, MY rinkS – they have three sheets there.

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