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I KNOW!!!!!!!

I’m not overreacting. The whore who kicked me off the ice was overreacting. (I’m basing the whore reference on how much makeup she had on, particularly red makeup. Whore. And this is the rink in the ghetto so she could have two jobs. And if you want to work as a whore fine with me you just better declare it on your taxes.)

So I got on the ice 8 minutes before the session starts. Eight minutes.
The Zamboni was done. The garage door was closed. I was one of only 5 people there so I don’t know what the hell this whore’s problem was but she told me to get off the ice. I was like “Why? Is someone else using it?” and I look around to show no one else is fucking there! And she’s like “The ice has to set.”


I’m pretty sure this whole the ice has to set thing is bullshit. (I have an email into Nice Coach to make sure.)

I also consulted someone who works in an ice rink and never kicked me off the ice. She said: “My opinion is she doesn’t know you well enough to not care what you do. Or she’s remotely satisfied with her job. So much that she actually enforces the rules aka…she’s new.”


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I was one of those today. 😦

I was skating at a new rink and this lady was on the center circle for 20 minutes. (Yes, I timed her.) And I wanted to do my figures and obviously show that I’m a bitch, so when she made the slightest glance away from the circle I jumped right in. And she didn’t back off! She kept doing crossovers around the circle! (You think she’d make them bigger so we could share but..) So I thought that was rude and I didn’t back off. But I was rude first taking over the circle. I always get mad when people do this to me; do they feel bad afterward too and express their guilt in blogs?

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I’m watching Silk’s Skate for the Heart on NBC and besides the usual annoyance of them showing the live band more than the skater, there is some (or more than one) annoying fan shrieking at everything every skater does.

I can’t skate when people are hysterically shrieking. Once there was a school group at the rink and this girl was shrieking uncontrollably and I went up to her all concerned and asked “Are you hurt?” “no” “THEN STOP EFFIN’ SCREAMING OR I’M GONNA KICK YOU OUT!” (yeah, I told annoying people I had the authority to kick them out even though I didn’t.)

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