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Often in an adult skating competition there is no competition. Well, no human competition. If no one else has entered the competition you compete against the rule book, and unfortunately not everyone can say they beat the rule book.

So never think less of your win if you take the gold in a one-woman (or man) competition – you took the time to train and compete so enjoy that trophy because you earned it!

Good luck this season!
Stephanie Q.

P.S. – Former national competitor now coach Aren Nielsen offers great advice on competitions on his Web site http://www.arennielsen.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=64

Here’s an excerpt: “Whether you get 1st place, last place, or anywhere in between; creating a positive experience and nurturing a childs love for skating needs to be the first priority of the coach and parent to ensure a long and successful career.  What is a successful career?  One in which a skater enjoys challenging themselves, setting goals, accomplishing goals, and is truly skating, testing, and competing because they enjoy it.  Did anyone notice I did not mention WINNING?  This outcome is NOT in controlled by the skater.  The only thing that is in a skaters’ control is doing all that he or she can each day striving to reach a personal best. “


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