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So one of the best parts of the Olympics is the Figure Skating Gala. Where the top 5 finishers in each discipline perform and exhibition and the winners do an encore.

Tonight, NBC televised only 6 total performances. SIX. Like, as in “What the six?”

They showed Joannie Rochette, Evengy Pleshenko, Evan Lysacek, Yu-Na Kim, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

What about the Mirai Nagasu? What about the other medalists? What about the pairs skaters???

I’m disappointed in NBC. I think I’m not going to watch NBC ever again, even though I really like some of their shows. Yup, not watching. Going to turn off SNL right now. (It’s not a big loss, JLo is hosting.)


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How does NBC pick which skaters to show in the lower groups? I mean I like the choice of Cheltzie Lee — great fall btw –, but did they show Tugba and Cynthia Phanueff just because of their Canadian connection? I mean who the hell in Canada is watching NBC’s crappy coverage?

Elena Gvendashelli – She gives hope to skaters with boobs. Also, ending spin was cool, the way she pulled up from a sit spin to a heel grab spin.

Oh no! What is Miki Ando wearing! Her hair looks great but too literal with the Cleopatra theme.

Thank goodness Rachael doesn’t have that bump-it in her hair tonight. How is Laura Lipesito ahead of her?

Oh Miki you’re so fine! But how many freaking jumps did you do in that program? Seriously.

Yu-Na Kim. Holy shit. The most amazing thing was that she did it – the whole thing – with a smile on her face. Amazing! Effin’ amazing!

What happened Mao? And I’m not talking about that popped jump. I’m talking about that horribly depressing music. Is that what moves you?

Did Scott or Sandra say one word during Joannie’s performance?

Mirai I did not want your program to end! It was awesome!!!!!!!

So Yu-Na Kim wins – big surprise.
Mao Asada second – big surprise.
Joanna Rochette third – big surprise.
Mirai Nagasu fourth – BIG SURPRISE!
Racheal Flatt seventh – BIG SURPRISE!

Can’t wait for the gala!

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Go Jo!

The ladies’ Olympic short program is my favorite sporting event! Here’s what I thought of the 2010 Olympians:

Cheltzie Lee – I really liked her skating. She won’t challenge for a medal, but it was pure and beautiful. The kind of skater I’d like to be.
Tugba Karademir – Eh. I’ve seen her skate in person and I just wasn’t feeling her program tonight. She did well, but she wasn’t electric like the time I saw her skate.
Mirai Nagasu – She was great! I love that program. I wish she had done a triple-triple combo, oh well. And it was kinda cool that she got a bloody nose.
Laura Lepisto – I don’t get her. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but she looks bitchy when she skates.
 Mao Asada – Wow!!! She was phenomenal! She just floats! And those pointed toes in the air, so pretty!!! I wish she did triple axel – triple toe instead of double toe, but she did a triple axel. I remember when Midori Ito was the first woman to do that at the Olympics – it was a huge moment!
Yu-Na Kim – I didn’t like it. (Please don’t send me death threats.) That was the first time I saw that program and it just didn’t take my heart like her Danse Macabe short did last year. (That is the best short program ever!!!) Also, her combination spin really bothered me. It made her look manly. Like for a second I wondered if it was really Evegeni Plushenko trying to get the gold in the women’s competition.
Akiko Suzuki – I like this skater – she has a spark. But that music was unbearable! Was it Spanish? Was it Irish? Well it wasn’t Scottish so it’s crap!
Joannie Rochette – She made Scott Hamilton cry. And probably millions of others. It would be easy for me to skate if my mom just died. I hate my mom. But for her, poor kid. But what a better support system than the whole world.
Julia Sebestyen – It obviously didn’t capture my attention because I zoned out, looked up and was like “She’s still skating?”
Rachael Flatt – Love the home video of her skating at age 3 – so cute!
Carolina Kostner – Damn it! Hand down on the triple Lutz. I had her on the podium, what a shame; her jump combo was the most gorgeous jumps I’ve ever seen.
Miki Ando – Wow! 3 Lutz – 3 Loop combo!!!! but choreography slow and sucky. Not a very balanced program. She actually took a couple of pauses where she was just standing – pretty unacceptable at this level. Her old “Chairman’s Waltz” short was awesome, so this, performance wise, was eh. 

So overall, the short program belonged to Joannie Rochette, even though she’s in third place behind Kim and Asada, her performance is unforgettable. Ando is in fourth and the two Americans, Flatt and Nagasu round out the top six. This is going to be a great competition!

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NBC made me wait until 10 p.m. for skating, but it was worth it!!!

Jeremy Abbott – Just shows you how mental this sport is. And despite all the flubs I still enjoyed watching him skate.
Takahiko Kozuka – Loved his skating – that is the lowest sit spin I’ve ever seen! I just didn’t like the music. And it doesn’t even seem like he’s paying any attention to the music. So unlike his awesome “Take Five” program.
Denis Ten – First time I’ve ever seen him. He looks really short. OMG! Did he just do a doughnut spin?!  And a Beilman spin!!! Super interesting music.
Florent Amodio – If you were painted tears on your face you basically say to the judges I don’t want to stand on the podium. That being said, I didn’t want to program to end!!! His part marionette, part b-boy program was cute!!!! He had some jump flubs, but I love the way he moves. And the story about him being abandoned on the streets of Brazil and then being adopted by a French couple made me think of another great French skater who was born on the island of Reunion then … oh wait, she wasn’t.
Patrick Chan – The outfits says “North and South” to me but his music is “Phantom of the Opera.” Hmmm. His choreography is gorgeous! Again, I didn’t want it to end.
Michal Brezina – He was better at Europeans.
Evan Lysacek – That’s the outfit he chose. ugh. Vera Wang was saying there are three costumes he could wear tonight and he chooses the one with the snake around his neck. But he did it. What a performance! Landed everything!
Nobunari Oda – OMF! His lace broke! I’ve only seen that once in competition – Brian Orser at some professional competition years ago. (You thought I was going to say Tonya Harding at the ’94 Olympics. But her lace didn’t break, it was just too short.) But even before his lace broke I thought his Charlie Chaplin program was adorable.
Stephane Lambiel – He has tassels too. The best headless spin! And I agree with Scott Hamilton, the program was flat.
Daisuke Takahashi – Interesting costume. Is he a homeless clown? Yep, he’s a clown. Fell on quad, but rest was good and he’s happy with it. I still think he had the best short program.
Evgeni Plushenko – Mullet aside, the worst choreography. He gyrated his hips and now I think he’s trying to breakdance. It’s just so scary to watch. And people are cheering. And I hate the faux tie.

So who wins: EVAN!!! And yay – he’s smiling normally!!!

But Johnny still had the best performance of the night.

Oh, and NBC, did you think we wouldn’t notice you showed a clip of Takahiko Kozuka instead of a clip of Daisuke Takahashi at the beginning of your show?

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Johnny Weir is in 6th place after the short!!! (hey Jeffrey Buttle was in 6th in the Torino Olympics and he got a medal)

Evan Lysacek is in 2nd! (hey Johnny was in 2nd in Torino … oh, not the nicest thing to point out)

Brian Joubert bombed. (yeah, karma remembers those costumes)
Samuel Contesti – whose skating I love!!! – fell on a triple. (karma acts swiftly when you wear overalls at the Olympics)
Jeremy Abbott also bombed. But he’s young and he’s getting the experience.
Evgeni Plushenko – I didn’t detest his skating tonight. I didn’t love it, but it was watchable for once.
Stephane Lambiel – Wow. But the costume did look heavy.
Floret Amodio – The French guy who skated first. He was heaven.
Thomas Verner – Fell on like everything, but what really bothered me was the white flitty fabric on his one sleeve. Trust me, that outfit didn’t need it.
Kevin Van Der Perren – Speaking of costumes … I don’t mind that you skated in a skeleton suit. I mind that your skeleton didn’t have a pelvic bone and that you didn’t style your head to go with the outfit. I mean, don’t make it a joke, but you could have put some grey or white in your hair. It wasn’t a total look.
Vaughn Chipeur – What a disappointment. He messed up a lot and when he’s on he’s so exciting to watch. I hope he pulls it together for the long.
Patrick Chan – He messed up on a landing and as long as they don’t get a close-up of his face he is great to watch.
Oda Nobunari – He did well, he’s in 4th place, but I don’t remember his skate. I remember the story about his ancestor being a warlord though.
Daisuke Takahashi – He kicked ass! A great short program!
Johnny Weir – He landed all his jumps! Spins were great! I did think the footwork was a bit slow and not as complicated as Lambiel and some others. But I saw shades of Christopher Bowman and that made me happy. I hope Thursday night my headline will be “Gold Johnny Gold!”
Evan Lysacek – He skated well. He’s just so intense. There’s not a lot of performance with him anymore. Like I don’t want to watch because I feel like if he doesn’t skate well he’s going to be so pissed at himself and if he does skate well he’s going to be so full of himself. I skated in a show with him after the last Olympics and he was so nice and his exhibition was so entertaining and I guess I just miss him smiling – and I don’t mean that new crazy “I’m the effin’ best” smile.
Michal Brezina – The Czech kid who skated last. I thought he was going to pull a Leticia Hubert but I guess it’s not possible under the new system 😦
Takahiko Kozuka – I forgot he skated. I liked his 2009 short program to “Take 5” way better than this Jimmy Hendrix one. He skated fine, in 8th. It’s a deep field.

All in all, I don’t like how every program I saw the first three elements were jumps. Mix it up fellas!


Stephanie, what did you think of the pairs competition?

Oh, I’m glad you asked. I thought it was awesome!!!

Shen and Gao’s short program was exquisite.
Pang and Tong’s long program is now one of my favorite programs ever!
I loved the German’s “Send In The Clowns” program.
Also, Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison’s long program to “The Way We Were” was beautiful. One of the few programs I had to rewatch and I’ll watch it again and again once someone puts it on YouTube.
Ukraine’s Tatiana Volosozhar is my favorite skater and I hate NBC for not showing their long program. (And what did Sandra Bezic say about her in the short? The sound cut out ..)
I hate when Yuka Kavaguti opens her jacket in the long program to reveal that heart.
That lift that Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig did in the long program was the single coolest element in the whole pairs competition.

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