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Moving My Blade!

So I skated today with the extra padding in my right skate to get me onto the outside edge and it helps but with so much padding in my skate there’s not much room for my foot and I was cutting off the circulation in my toes. Hence I emailed one of the coaches about getting my blade moved. (It feels like I’m about to have surgery.)

I really don’t want to do this but when I got off the ice today some woman told me I skated great and that she was “really impressed.” It must have been because of the extra padding. (Oh, does anyone else think when someone gives you a compliment on your skating that you feel like they’re saying that because they thought before you got on the ice that you would be too fat to actually skate or because they think you’re “special?”)


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I just put new insoles in my skates and added a little extra padding to my right insole to see if it helps my get on the right outside edge for my backspin.

Man I hope this doesn’t go terribly wrong.

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Backspin Breakthrough!

I got on my right outside edge trying to do the backspin!

I only did it once, and it scared the crap out me, but I did it. And I didn’t even have to move my blade or put hydrolics in my skate!

I also have set a goal with skating. If I don’t get the backspin test ready (3 revolutions) by Nov. 11 then I’m going to quit skating as a sport. No more lessons or ballet or olympics but occasional recreational skating when I want.

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Raising The Bar

I had my group lesson this morning and we worked on my backspin and inside 3 turns. (My teacher said she hates left inside 3 turns too.)

For the backspin she’s having me start from a two-foot spin and then lift my left foot up and hold it next to my knee (like a flamingo). Holding it there instead of infront of the right leg makes it less scary. She’s also telling me to put my weight in my heel. This sounds wrong to me (me who can’t do a backspin) but I’m going to trust that she’s going somewhere with this. (Yes, I am currently reading a book about trials).

Mean Coach always emphasized getting on the toe to start the backspin, which I never could do. So I think this new teacher realized that and thought if I could do it on my heel then I’d at least get comfortable spinning backward. And I am! So far I can do one full revolution spinning backward on my heel!

And then I was waiting for the public session to start and I overhear this mom telling her friends why she quit skating lessons, how she just wasn’t into it, and she told them “You have to really want to do this and you really have to put your all into it.”

So I hear that and I quickly assess that I do really want to do this and I haven’t been putting my all into it. So when I got on the ice I pushed myself and guess what I did! A backward pivot!!! I’ve never done one of those before, I was always too scared but I gave it my all and I did it!

Full Disclosure: It kinda happened by accident while I was prepping for toe loops and I have my period.

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Pain In My Backspin

I can not do a backspin.


I was taught the spin about 4 years ago and on the second try I got it. I did it, it was awesome, my coach was impressed and said something like “We don’t have to practice that anymore.” And then I was never able to do it again. 😦

So now my new coach is teaching me the backspin and I’m not getting. I have my next lesson in a few days and I want to do this spin for him. For me. To just get it out of my way!

Kay offers great insight on her Web site on why adults struggle with this spin: http://www.skatejournal.com/sept01.html

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