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I’ll Miss Nice Coach

So I had my last lesson this week with Nice Coach. He wouldn’t tell me if the KGB ever followed him, but he told me two things I wish I had been told before!

One was that when you do a T-stop the weight in your back foot should be over you’re heel.

The other was that when you do a toe jump you really have to spring off the toe and just the toe. He said don’t just use the muscles in leg to get in the air, use the toe. And we did an exercise where I held onto the boards and in the flip set up position just kept pushing my toepick in and out of the ice to feel the spring.

I find it interesting that I learn so much technical stuff from Nice Coach. Like he’s such a goofball, but he just knows so much!

And he was such a nice coach. He always let me wipe my snot on him, he always took my gum, and he never complained that I screamed too much. But he did always complain that I chewed gum. He said I wasn’t his worst student, but I was the worst about chewing gum. (I like to chew gum when I skate, sue me.)

And I love the way we parted. He asked if I would post videos of me skating at my new rink so he could continue to make fun of me, and I said I would if he’ll send me videos of the hot Siberian hockey coach ūüėČ


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I had my lesson with Mean Coach today. (I have two coaches, they’re both Russian and have the same name. I used to just call them Coach #1 and Coach #2, but that was kinda boring and they didn’t exactly dig it. Coach #1¬†is old, mean and loud. He teaches me MITF and freestyle. He’s now Mean Coach.¬†Coach #2¬†is young, quiet and impossible. He teaches me ice dance and helps with the moves and freestyle. He really reminds me of Coach J.¬†So he’s now Nice Coach, even though he isn’t all that nice. He’s kinda a sarcastic asshole – hence the likeness to Coach J!)

Anyway, lessons with Mean Coach usually don’t go so well because I suck and I usually get really nervous before them and, while it’s great for my colon health, it’s not very pleasant.

So today we ran through my Bronze moves and he said they were passable!!!! YAY!!!!

I asked “Would I pass?”
And he said “Yes, that would be passing, for me.”
“For me? What do you mean “for me”?
“For me, because I’m your coach and I’ve seen where you started from.”
Awww! That’s the first nice thing Mean Coach ever said to me!

At first when he said it in my mind I said to myself “You’re not my coach. Coach J is my coach, you’re just a fill in.” But then I thought “I haven’t lessoned with Coach J since December. He’s 3,000 miles away. Yeah, I bug him a lot with skating questions and skating updates, but I guess Mean Coach is now my coach. And Nice Coach too.”

Oh, and this post is titled “Pat Myself On The Back” because whenever I do something well in my lesson with Mean Coach I physically pat myself on my back. Coach J used to give high-fives and hugs and my figures coach, Colleen, she would do this adorable¬†dorky little dance when I did somethig well, but Meanie and Nicey over here don’t do anything like that. The closest I’ve gotten is them saying “It’s better.” But hell, I’ll take it!

I even got a few “It’s better”s today on my flip jump attempts!!! I’m having a problem swinging my arms. Like I swing them way up like over my head instead of swinging them like you do in a scratch spin. But it’s getting better, and for that I pat myself on the back!

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