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I’m Quitting Skating!

Not figure skating!
I mean I’m going to stop just skating by in life and not putting any effort into anything.

So last week I was working on the axel off ice with “Nice” Coach and he asks me “Are you even trying?”
I thought about it for a moment and I was like “No. I’m not.”
So then I’ve been thinking about it ever since and I don’t and have never put effort into anything – I usually just skate by and get pretty much what I want.

Well now “pretty much what I want” isn’t good enough! I want it ALL!!!!

I want the rockin’ body.
I want the powerful career.
I want the real headstand! not the one where you bend your elbows and put your knees on your triceps! Screw that headstand!
And, of course, I want to be the best figure skater I have the potential to be; which is probably a pretty damn awesome one.

So how eff am I going to do this?
Well it’s going to be:
10 percent luck,
20 percent skill,
15 percent concentrated power of will,
5 percent pleasure
50 percent pain
and 100 percent reason to REMEMBER THE NAME!

“Remember The Name” by Fort Minor is my new favorite song to skate to:
but their video is like:
10 percent suck,
20 percent grillz,
15 percent girls on contraceptive pills,
5 percent uncalled for
50 percent chains
and 100 percent reason to forget the director’s name. (sharp unnecessary arm movement)


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Today was my last day at the rink I’ve skated at for 5 years 😦  
But it was a surprisingly uplifting day:

I got to skate with a hockey stick – always wanted to do that.
I got to play all my music – I should be a DJ.
My coach was 24 minutes late – him being late is a “tradition” but he took it a little to far. (I think I’ve mentioned before that he’s an asshole.)
A lot of my friends showed up to skate with me! – I’m going to miss them so much!!!
I got to co-coach my favorite little skater’s lesson – and learned that being a coach is tougher than I thought it was.
Finished choreographing my “No Air” pairs program – maybe I’ll post the video one day.
Crashed into another skater – No. 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As much as I love skating and want to be awesome at it, I would love to be a cheoreographer even more. And now I am! (Sorta.)

My coach is letting me choose the music for his holiday show program and choreograph the program. (He’s not being nice, just incredibly lazy.)

The song is appropriate for him and one of my favorites – “O Holy Night” by Eric Cartman. And I think the cheoreography I mapped out is pretty cool.

I always thought it would so easy to cheoreograph for such a high-level skater (double-gold medalist) but he’s whiny and says “I can’t do that” to like every move. It really makes me appreciate all the time and patience all of my coaches have had in making me programs (I can’t do shit.).

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Some rinks allow skaters to play their own CDs at public and freestyle sessions. And I really question this.

I’m not talking about skaters’ program music, I’m talking about the girl who pops in her Snow Patrol or “High School Musical” CD for the entire session.

There is little you can do or say to make the kid change the music, everyone’s taste in music is different and the kid won’t understand that “Fabulous” isn’t.

I think it’s rude when people just change the CD on someone but I also think if you’re going to play a CD it is rude to play a whole CD from the same artist. A mix CD with some slow songs, some fast, some oldies, some instrumental is the best way to go.

Just in case you get on a session with the kid who loves country music (I like country music, but it’s not the best skating music.) get yourself an iPod Shuffle. It’s about $75, it’s really tiny and clips onto your jacket. Perfect for skating.

Or if you beat the kids to the CD player one day here are some songs for a good mix CD:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Kathrine McPhee 
Journey to the Past  – Disney 
Something – The Beatles
Sway – Micheal Buble  
Oh Darling – The Beatles  
Everything – Micheal Buble   
Home – Micheal Buble  
Fever – Micheal Buble  
One Week – Barenaked Ladies 
I’m A Believer – Smash Mouth    
Friday I’m In Love – The Cure      
Light on – David Cook    
A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton 
SOS – Rihanna 
Gimme More – Britney Spears
The Way – Fastball
Love Song – Sarah Brelis
Dance – Jamiriquoi 
Dr. Zhivago theme 
Love Story – Piano Instrumental 
Firebird Suite Finale – Igor Stravinsky    
Godfather love theme      
Peer Gynt Morning Mood – Edvard Grieg
Meditation – Thais      
Paper Planes – MIA 
One Jump Ahead – Disney
About A Girl – Nirvana
Love Fool – The Cardigans 
Since You Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson   
The Way You Make Me Feel – Micheal Jackson 
Circus – Britney Spears
Round Round – Flo Rida
Gives You Hell – All-American Rejects
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
Fabulous – High School Musical (I like this song, but not the rest of the album.)

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