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On Another Level


That’s the only word I can use to describe this testing experience.

First off, my coach, who I’ve only worked with for a few months, acted like such a dork all day just to make me happy (or because he’s an attention whore – not sure which, probably the latter, he is a figure skater). It was really sweet and I’m very grateful for his support.

When test time was approaching, I went in the locker room to change. Then this woman comes into the locker room. It was the judge. She sits on the bench across from me and doesn’t say anything. My instincts said to threaten her and tell her “If you don’t pass me I’ll cut you bitch.” But I didn’t. Silly instincts.

Kind of fuzzy after that.

I remember my coach eating a candy bar that fell on the floor when there was a whole bowl of candy bars that didn’t fall on the floor.

I remember taking my MITF test and thinking, “Damn, I’m well prepared for this.”

I remember being happy I passed.

I remember taking my freestyle test and that my Waltz jump was nice.

I remember we warmed up the dances without music at my request because I didn’t want my husband to get confused and start videotaping yet, so throughout all the practice dances my coach counted every beat aloud in a hushed tone. It was very Halloween horror movie like.

I remember taking the dance tests and thinking don’t fuck up! I passed all of them!!!!!


I passed the Pre-Bronze Moves In The Field.
I passed the Pre-Bronze Freestyle.
I passed the Dutch Waltz.
I passed the Canasta Tango.
I passed the Rhythm Blues!

It’s seven hours later and I’m still in shock that I passed all of them.

But in the end it’s very easy to pass a skating test – it’s all about preparation. I went to that skating rink at least 5 days a week for the past 10 months. I practiced. I repeated shit a million times. I was so ready to take those tests. And even if that judge failed me I wouldn’t have cared. I just wouldn’t have. I don’t know her, so her opinion really means nothing to me. I knew I passed those tests when my coach and my friends and myself said I was prepared to pass them. Actually taking the test just made me officially on another level.


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