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Nobody gets anything by sitting still.

– Denise Austin


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Others wake up and work at it.

– Denise Austin

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I’m so excited!!!!! (although I’m not sure why)

Um, how rude to not even introduce the pro skaters by name!
Although I recognized Keanua McLaughlin by her scarry face.
But I really liked the pro group number!!!
What’s up with that ice track that goes around the judges…

Judge Johnny Weir’s hair is horrible in the into! What are those curls!
LaurieAnn Gibson is cool! She was on Diddy’s Making the Band. But not a skater.
DICK BUTTON!!! I love him, he’s soooo mean!!!! And he’s a quote machine:
“A great skater is someone who leaves the sport better because they were in it.” – Dick Button ❤

Ok, Tanith Belbin is the new Summer Sanders and she explains tonight’s Required Elements:
The One Foot Assisted Glide
The Pair Spin – They can do a one-foot spin, a two-foot spin or a pairs spin.

Brandon Mychal Smith and Keauna McLaughlin
He says he’s an avid roller skater so I think he’ll be OK…
He did fine. I actually think he would have been better skating solo.

Sean Young and Denis Petukhov
I’m a little scared for this one…
She skates like me! Slow and cautiosly. lol
Oh Johnny Weir is being nice saying it was “elegant.”
LaurieAnn is channelling Paula Abdul.
Dick Button said her pointed toes are “exquisite.”
I never point my toes! She’s better than me!!! 😦
OMG! She got the same technical score as Brandon – that’s bullshit!

Jonny Moseley and Brooke Castile
It was really entertaining. They skated to “Higher Ground” but did he do a spin?
Ok, on the replay he did do a spin but it was a two-foot, which is allowed, but come on you’re an Olympic Champion! I don’t care if you’re an Olympic champion in in in … what’s the lamest Olympic sport? Archery? Shot Put? Bobsled? Ok, I don’t care if you’re an Olympic champion in archery, anything I can do athletically you better be able to do 10x better than me.

Of Eff! Johnny Weir just did his Poker Face program.
Um, first off he started off wearing this large show piece thing shaped like a giant heart, which thankfully he took off.
Then I noticed he wasn’t wearing his usual Poker Face outfit so I guess he gained some weight. (although I’m not one to talk)
And I didn’t think his makeup could get worse for this number but this is scary. Like Keauna McLaughlin scary.
I wonder why he didn’t use the loop track??? (because it’s stupid)

Rebecca Buding and Frank Pa-something
omg! “Anne Devain” is there watching her!!!! (Is she on All My Children now?)
She was pretty, because he held her most of the time.
Oh, and she skated as a kid. She even did a little competition.

Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester
He too skated as a kid and even won a competition!
(Is this almost over? It might be worse than Improv On Ice.)
I hope he doesn’t skate to a Motley Crue song – not that I would be able to tell.
His partner was hot – I wonder how much Aqua Net is in her hair.
But he did the one foot spin.
What is LaurieAnn talking about? Find one spot on the ice and keep going back to it? Never heard that for skating.
“Any man who is afraid to make a mistake will never make anything.” – Dick Button (told you he’s a quote machine)
Weir and Button gave him a 4!!! Out of ???? idk they never said what the highest score is.

Bethany Frankel and Ethan Burgess
She had the best quote, said to her partner: “The fact that you’re not gay may be alarming to my husband, so we just might have to pretend you are.”
I’ve said that before. 😉
Ok, her skating…sucked.
Except for when he was lifting her or spining her she was on two feet the whole time.
“It’s skating. You have to be in it or stay on the side.” – Johnny Weir

It’s over!!!!
I’d rather watch Bristol Palin dance.
But not Michael Bolton.

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