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Because they won’t let me! What kind of business plan calls for the product to not be available?! (Yes, it did work for Cartman in that episode of “South Park.” The exception proves the rule.)

So I got a subscription to IceNetwork.com last year because there is like no figure skating on TV any more. Now, the subscription has expired but you can’t yet purchase the new pass. That’s lame.


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It is doubtful that an adult figure skating competition will ever be broadcast on television, but there are places you can watch adult figure skaters in action.

IceNetwork.com – Subscribers have access to coverage of the upcoming U.S. Adult National Figure Skating Competition as well as past Adult National and Sectional competitions.

YouTube.com – Many adult figure skaters post videos of themselves skating. It is great to see the progress some have made in such a short time. One of my favorite skaters is Alanna. Check out her progress at http://www.youtube.com/user/icekat83

Movies – While Kathy Griffin gave a great performance as an adult figure skater in “On Edge,” director Nisma Zaman is working on a documentary about adult figure skating. She created a production company, Ice Docs, and began work on a feature documentary following five skaters to the 2006 Adult Nationals.

“Nobody here is going to the Olympics, so I’m curious why adults would devote so much time, money, and energy to such an anxiety-ridden, injury-inducing sport,” Zaman told the Ithaca College Quarterly in 2006.

Zaman is still hard at work on the film. If you’d like to be added to her distribution list for info on the film e-mail her at nisma@icedocs.com.

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