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That’s what Nice Coach said to me today.
“If I was your arm I’d run away.”
We were choreographing a program and he kept harping on my arms – which I thought were pretty – saying I obviously don’t care because my arms weren’t to his liking.
And then he said “There is the music and there is you. The two are not together.”
I think he needs a new nickname.


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And it’s called ballet!!!

I started taking ballet about five months ago at Coach J’s suggestion and I love it!

Tonight I heard my ballet teacher tell the kid who had her lesson before me that when you can do 32 turning fouettes then you’re a ballerina. So when it got to my lesson I asked her to teach me the fouette. Within 5 minutes I could do four of them!!!! So I’m 1/8 of a ballerina!!!! I’m 12.5% proud of myself!!!

(What the hell is a fouette? It’s this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/32_fouett%C3%A9s_en_tournant)

Also I really want to test my Bronze freeskate in October and I was nervous about the beginning of my program. There’s this flowy arm movement in the beginning and it’s great but I just thought I wasn’t doing it right, so I brought my music to my ballet teacher and showed her the program. (Yeah, I could have asked Mean Coach to help me, like that’s what he’s there for, but he didn’t choreograph this program and it’s really special to me and I don’t want him messing it up. He’s not a flowy guy.) So I showed my ballet teacher and she loved the program! She did help me with the timing of the arms but she really liked them and she liked the music and the story and I just can’t wait to skate it!

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As much as I love skating and want to be awesome at it, I would love to be a cheoreographer even more. And now I am! (Sorta.)

My coach is letting me choose the music for his holiday show program and choreograph the program. (He’s not being nice, just incredibly lazy.)

The song is appropriate for him and one of my favorites – “O Holy Night” by Eric Cartman. And I think the cheoreography I mapped out is pretty cool.

I always thought it would so easy to cheoreograph for such a high-level skater (double-gold medalist) but he’s whiny and says “I can’t do that” to like every move. It really makes me appreciate all the time and patience all of my coaches have had in making me programs (I can’t do shit.).

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Hopefully by now you’ve tried ice dancing … and love it!

Now, if you’re like me, remember why you started ice dancing: to improve your freestyle skating.

Next, put some of your ice dancing elements into your freestyle program.

I know, what a good idea. It’s not mine.

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