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What? WHY?! Take from as many people as you possibly can!

You’ll get so many different perspectives on your skating and you never know who will be the one to say something that just clicks and works for you.

I’m not saying don’t have a regular coach, but if you can afford it take some supplemental lessons with other teachers. Or if you’re on a budget swap one lesson a month with your coach for another coach.  Or if there is an edge class or a spin class TAKE IT! Even if you’re the only adult in the class. (FYI – If kids give you a hard time it’s because they’re jealous of you. Maybe not of your skating because I’m sure they think they’re better than you even if they’re not, but you probably have a car and they don’t.)

Even if you heart your current coach beyond belief it’s good to work with other people. Take a figures lesson from an old school coach. Ask another coach to check out your MITF. Or get someone besides your current coach to cheorograph your program.

You want to really expand your horizon? Take a crossover lesson from a speedskating coach.


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