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I had my 10th fall as an adult skater on Tuesday! (I know some of you fall 10 times a day. Good for you. Now shut up and let me finish my story.)

I learned to skate as a teenager and went through all the Learn-To-Skate classes before I graduated high school. I didn’t take lessons again until a few years after I graduated college. So since that time IN SEVEN YEARS I’ve fallen on the ice 10 TIMES.

Why is this such a big deal for me? Because Dick Button said “If you’re not falling your not getting better.”

He’s totally right. Not that you have to fall to get better, but that if you’re not pushing yourself you’re not gping to get better.

I’m built like a  Weeble Wobble and I’m a pussy so actually falling down is a big deal for me. It means that I’m pushing myself.

I always said that I’d stop counting at 10, but I think I want to really push myself and get to 15 before I move next month.


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