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(By request.)

So what’s up with my skating? When am I testing? Who’s my new coach?
All good questions!

My husband and I are still adjusting to life in our new town and are doing a poor job of coordinating our driving schedules. (For some reason I think it’s “green” of us to have one car and make my husband bike to work – it’s only 2 miles – but sometimes he needs the car.) So I haven’t gotten into a routine yet. The only routine I’ve known for two years is go skating every week day and lounge on the weekends but now I’m lounging during the week too. But I do want to skate regularly again. Like every day!

And I have a test date picked out for my Bronze Freeskate: Nov. 11, 2011.
Yup, 11/11/11!

As far as getting a new coach, well this might be another reason I’m not skating as much. No one at my new rink inspires me.
Like there are some great skaters there (one guy even coached Sasha Cohen) but they just don’t do it for me.
To coach me you have to not only be an incredible skater, but you have to captivate me.
You have to be someone who impresses me and someone I want to impress.
You have to not only be able to teach me how to push off but how to push myself to push off.
You just have to be special.

I’m lucky that all my coaches have been special and I’m sure I’ll find another one…

Another one that I’ll have to leave in three years and be heart-broken about.


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Why is it so difficult to find a figure skating coach? Why?! Don’t you people want my money?

After not getting any responses to my awesome ad for a coach, and not being able to find any telling info on local coaches either online or from people I know, I’m about ready to give up on finding a coach here. (Yeah, I’m the kind of person who would fly back to my old coaches every other week for lessons. I just really hate airports.)

But on Wednesday I was at the upscale rink in my area and watched like 8 coaches teach Learn To Skate. Two coaches caught my eye in a positive way (and one totally disgusted me with her bedazzled baseball cap). I was able to find out one of the good coaches’ names and do some research. I did not like what I found out – so he’s out.

The other coach was at the rink today and gave a freestyle lesson to an adult male skater. I found out his name and thought I had read somewhere that he was the ice dance coach. So I approached him and asked if he was indeed the ice dance coach. Nope.

I was totally disappointed because I had that instant feeling like “I could stand to listen to this guy tell me I’m doing something wrong and it wouldn’t bother me.” You don’t find that too often.

So stupid me didn’t even bother to ask what the guy did coach, but hopefully I’ll see him again. And he was nice enough to let me know who the ice dance coach is, so maybe I’ve found two coaches …


Seriously, why don’t skating coaches advertise? I want an online database where you put in your Zip Code, how far you’d be willing to travel from that Zip Code for lessons, what disciplines you’re interested in, price, etc … and it spits out available coaches complete with a resume and a video of them skating and coaching.

I know it’s a great idea. If I had any idea how to make a database I’d get right on that!

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