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Poetry On Ice

This is my favorite skating program. It’s just so beautiful. Robin Cousins’ performance to Wadsworth’s “On The Frozen Pond” is poetry on ice.


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USFSA fined Rachael Flatt for not disclosing her injury to them before she competed at Worlds!
(They should have fined her for that haircut.)
But WOW!
(I wonder if they’ll fine Tom Z too.)
Actually, I wonder why she said anything to anyone in the first place.
(Why do 12th place finishers hold news conferences anyway?)
Skaters skate injured all the time, as Tatiana Tarosova says “Injury is a figure skaters constant companion.”

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How In The World!

I think Midori Ito lost.

I checked the result page for the 2011 International Adult competition in Germany and it looks like Jan Calnan of the USA bested the 1989 world champion.

Ok so I haven’t seen Midori skate in nine years, but I heard she could still do some triples (not the triple axel though). I’ve also seen Jan Calnan skate pairs at some recent US Adult Nationals, and while a lovely skater she’s no Midori Ito.

If anyone finds video of this please let me know. (Also if anyone wants to let me borrow their icenetwork subscription code that would be awesome too.)

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So this is the week Midori Ito re-enters competitive figure skating!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

She’s sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She better win.

From the Associated Press:

TOKYO (AP)—Former world champion Midori Ito still has the drive for competitive figure skating.

Ito will enter one of the International Skating Union’s senior events for the first time when she competes in Oberstdorf, Germany, from June 8-11.

The 41-year-old Japanese said at a news conference Thursday that “figure skating isn’t just a sport for young people.”

The 1992 Olympic silver medalist said “people of all ages should try, and in that spirit I decided to compete in this tournament.”

Ito, the 1989 world champion, was the first woman to land a triple axel in competition. She retired from competitive skating in 1996.”

I can’t believe Midori Ito is 41. She looks so beautiful.

The 1992 Olympic showdown between Kristi Yamaguchi and Midori Ito is one of my favorite skating competitions.
Midori fell on her triple Lutz combo (she took out the triple axel combo because she wasn’t hitting it in practice) in the short but the judges held her up; Kristi won the short.
Then in the long Kristi fell out of her triple loop and doubled her salchow but did two triple Lutzes; Midori fell on her first triple axel and then more than halfway through the program she threw another one and she landed it! Her exhibition program was so cute too – she skated in a short gold raincoat and umbrella. And she was doing big jumps holding that umbrella.

It was also cool when she was competing and she jumped into the camera pit and after she finished her program she went over to the camera guy and helped him pick up the wood she had splintered off the boards.

And if you’ve never seen her 1988 Olympic programs watch them! She didn’t medal because of school figures but she was so awesome.

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I found most of the top skaters’ exhibition programs on YouTube. Miki’s were good, Yuna looked so sad during hers, Carolina was ok (I’m sick of the song “Mein Heir”), and Alissa skated to “Dancing By Myself” and had the biggest grin on her face the whole time.

Patrick Chan skated to “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and if you told me he was in a cult I’d believe you. Tahiko Kazuko had the best program – upbeat, playful, it reminded me of Kurt Browning. Artur Gatchinski skated too. I don’t know how to describe him.

Tatiana Volovozhar and her partner were the Mario Brothers video game. It wouldn’t have been my choice.

And while I didn’t like Meryl and Charlie’s number I thought she looked so cute in pigtails!

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2011 World Championships

Ice Dance Final

The Lithuanians, the Italians, the Canadians, the Russians, the Americans … I would say the same for all of them: everyone skated so well (well the French fell) and was so much improved.

Isabella Tobias/Deividas Stagniunas  – They skated to “Les Miserables” and were awesome!

Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi – That was interesting. They wer like music box figurines.

Vanessa Crone/Paul Poirier – I love this Eleanor Rigby program choreographed by Christopher Dean.

Madison Chock/Greg Zuerlein – That Cabaret number was so much improved from earlier this season.

Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte – Such a pretty program. And I love her light blue dress with royal blue sash and bolero.
Elena Ilinykh/Nikita Katsalapov – They skated to Don Quixote and it wasn’t perfect but it was entertaining to watch.
Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev – She is super flexible in her back. I’ve never seen them before and this music is a little boring compared to other teams.
Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje – They really improved. Everything was smooth and they didn’t overdo the makeup and face pulling. That was a great program and that lunge lift was awesome.
Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat – They fell and then he left her in the Kiss n Cry. Drama. 
Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani – Very ballroom. I loved it! And her blue dress was smashing!
Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir – It’s like a Salsa – a hot salsa. That lift was so cool – he was doing a backward spiral and then she like jumped/rolled onto his back. Really neat.
Meryl Davis/Charlie White – Phenomenal! Tango. Sharp. Fast. Intricate. Difficult. Undeafeted! They win!!! First USA dance team to win worlds. And the Shubutanis get the bronze!!!


That was a great event!

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2011 World Championships


Kanako Murakami – Right off the bat her dress is so much better than the one she had earlier in the season. This one is black and red (Soundtrack, Spanish soundtrack). But I liked he program tonight. It wasn’t awesome, but I remember hating it earlier in the season.

Mao Asada – She’s in 7th going into this. 7th. She has the pretty lavender dress on. She lands a beautiful triple axel. (TRIPLE EFFIN AXEL!) But she like fell out of her camel spin. Another bobble – a two-footed landing. She just popped a jump 😦 That’s so uncharicteristic of her. (Remember Scott Hamilton always used that phrase.) It was a pretty program, she won’t win though. And I love how she ended with just a simple spiral. Very pretty.

Rachael Flatt – I heard her right ankle was broken, all they’re saying on TV is she has a “right leg issue.” So while she’s having trouble with some jumps she’s still skating. But is that selfish of her? YES! Did she really think an injured Rachael would win this? Or that an injured Rachael would compete better than a healthy Mairi? The rank of her and Alissa has to be less than or equal to 13 for USA to get three spots at Worlds next year. (Not happening, she finishes 12th and Alissa doesn’t win.) In the after skate interview Rachael says she has “stress fracture in her tibia.” And that she found out Friday and there wasn’t time to do anything.

Miki Ando – She flubbed the landing of one jump other than that it was good. Not mesmerizing like her Short, but good and flowy. And I like that she did an illusion spin,  haven’t seen one in a while.

Alena Leonova – Her hair  is so much better! Yesterday she looked like Little Orphan Annie. She does this very cool leg grab, she’s on an inside edge and he holds her leg out in front of her. She’s such a performer, very expressive! I just think her shoulders are a little round sometimes.

Yuna Kim – I like tha she’s skating to traditional Korean music. It just seems to me that country doesn’t matter so much any more. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Rachael!) She popped two jumps, but the jumps she did do were gorgeous! But her spiral was really lackluster.

Alissa Czisny – Oh no she fell on the first jump 😦 But she’s skating like it didn’t happen!!! That’s growth. I’m so proud of her, what a champion!

Carolina Kostner – I love this program! It was really beautiful. She popped a Loop but everything else was gorgeous.

Ksenia Makarova – She’s skating to Evita. I love a soundtrack. (Just realized I’ve never seem Paul Wylie skate in person.) She fell, and it was engaging, but there were too many people who were better.

So MIKI wins!!! Yay!!! (She skated at my rink last year.) Yuna gets second. (I’m kind of over her skating. I’m at the point with her where I need to see her grow.) Carolina gets bronze! Well deserved, that program is magnificent.

Yuna Kim is crying on the podium. Awww. Now I can’t wait to see her next season.

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