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…Stand up eight.

– Japanese proverb


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Of all the things the 12 skating coaches I’ve had have said to me, who would have thought “It’s not chess.” would help me the most?

When I skated yesterday I just kept saying to myself “kamakazie” – it’s how I play chess – and I skated really well and with some speed!

I didn’t fall or pull off any doubles, but I’m incredibly sore and tired today so I know I worked harder than usual.

Here’s some video of me doing my 5-step mohawk pattern better than ever, backward outside 3-turns on BOTH feet, some better Waltz jumps and my ChaCha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSGli5PRRhs

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I had my lesson with Mean Coach today. (I have two coaches, they’re both Russian and have the same name. I used to just call them Coach #1 and Coach #2, but that was kinda boring and they didn’t exactly dig it. Coach #1 is old, mean and loud. He teaches me MITF and freestyle. He’s now Mean Coach. Coach #2 is young, quiet and impossible. He teaches me ice dance and helps with the moves and freestyle. He really reminds me of Coach J. So he’s now Nice Coach, even though he isn’t all that nice. He’s kinda a sarcastic asshole – hence the likeness to Coach J!)

Anyway, lessons with Mean Coach usually don’t go so well because I suck and I usually get really nervous before them and, while it’s great for my colon health, it’s not very pleasant.

So today we ran through my Bronze moves and he said they were passable!!!! YAY!!!!

I asked “Would I pass?”
And he said “Yes, that would be passing, for me.”
“For me? What do you mean “for me”?
“For me, because I’m your coach and I’ve seen where you started from.”
Awww! That’s the first nice thing Mean Coach ever said to me!

At first when he said it in my mind I said to myself “You’re not my coach. Coach J is my coach, you’re just a fill in.” But then I thought “I haven’t lessoned with Coach J since December. He’s 3,000 miles away. Yeah, I bug him a lot with skating questions and skating updates, but I guess Mean Coach is now my coach. And Nice Coach too.”

Oh, and this post is titled “Pat Myself On The Back” because whenever I do something well in my lesson with Mean Coach I physically pat myself on my back. Coach J used to give high-fives and hugs and my figures coach, Colleen, she would do this adorable dorky little dance when I did somethig well, but Meanie and Nicey over here don’t do anything like that. The closest I’ve gotten is them saying “It’s better.” But hell, I’ll take it!

I even got a few “It’s better”s today on my flip jump attempts!!! I’m having a problem swinging my arms. Like I swing them way up like over my head instead of swinging them like you do in a scratch spin. But it’s getting better, and for that I pat myself on the back!

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I had a breakthrough this week with the backward 3-turn – I’m so happy I didn’t quit skating!!!

I just really concentrated all my weight into my heel for the turn and it worked. The three’s a little flat but it’s still a 3!!!!

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I had my 10th fall as an adult skater on Tuesday! (I know some of you fall 10 times a day. Good for you. Now shut up and let me finish my story.)

I learned to skate as a teenager and went through all the Learn-To-Skate classes before I graduated high school. I didn’t take lessons again until a few years after I graduated college. So since that time IN SEVEN YEARS I’ve fallen on the ice 10 TIMES.

Why is this such a big deal for me? Because Dick Button said “If you’re not falling your not getting better.”

He’s totally right. Not that you have to fall to get better, but that if you’re not pushing yourself you’re not gping to get better.

I’m built like a  Weeble Wobble and I’m a pussy so actually falling down is a big deal for me. It means that I’m pushing myself.

I always said that I’d stop counting at 10, but I think I want to really push myself and get to 15 before I move next month.

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I test on Wednesday — aaaaahhh! — and I hit the rink this weekend to get in some extra practice.  So I’m running through my test and I get to my Grendel: the left inside 3 turn. And I did it! It had an edge into it and no cheating, it was awesome!

So today I’m practicing and I get to the Rhythm Blues dance and those cross-behind slips are like Grendel’s mother and the unnamed dragon.

The first time my coach showed those to me I thought I’d never be able to do them. (Doesn’t that sound reminiscent of when Kurt Browning said “The firs time I saw Chris Bowman skate I thought I’d never beat him.”? R.I.P. Christopher! You’ll always be my favorite!!!) Anyway, I took like two or three weeks for me to even be able to do the cross-behind slips in Killian.

So today I tried the cross-behind slips away from the boards and I did one! The right one (aka Grendel’s mother.) Now I just have to kill the unnamed dragon – the left cross-behind slip.

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