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I test on Wednesday — aaaaahhh! — and I hit the rink this weekend to get in some extra practice.¬† So I’m running through my test and I get to my Grendel: the left inside 3 turn. And I did it! It had an edge into it and no cheating, it was awesome!

So today I’m practicing and I get to the Rhythm Blues dance and those cross-behind slips are like Grendel’s mother and the unnamed dragon.

The first time my coach showed those to me I thought I’d never be able to do them. (Doesn’t that sound¬†reminiscent of when Kurt Browning said “The firs time I saw Chris Bowman skate I thought I’d never beat him.”? R.I.P. Christopher! You’ll always be my favorite!!!) Anyway, I took like two or three weeks for me to even be able to do the cross-behind slips in Killian.

So today I tried the cross-behind slips away from the boards and I did one! The right one (aka Grendel’s mother.) Now I just have to kill the unnamed dragon – the left cross-behind slip.


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