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Both are great options for the beginner skater.

If you are just learning to skate but are in great shape and have big goals for your skating, get a private coach if you can afford it. (Most are $25 for a half-hour lesson which you’ll take once a week.) I think people who are athletic and have a history of disciplined behavior will progress faster with a private coach.

I started in group lessons and really enjoyed them. I never had more than five people in my group and usually it was just me and another student. So I got great personal instruction at a great price, less than $10 a lesson. Also, it made if more fun to learn with other people and then practice with them afterward.

Unfortunately, for adults and children there comes a time where your skating skills excel past group lessons, or Learn-To-Skate classes, and if you want to continue lessons they will have to be private lessons.


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