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Of all the things the 12 skating coaches I’ve had have said to me, who would have thought “It’s not chess.” would help me the most?

When I skated yesterday I just kept saying to myself “kamakazie” – it’s how I play chess – and I skated really well and with some speed!

I didn’t fall or pull off any doubles, but I’m incredibly sore and tired today so I know I worked harder than usual.

Here’s some video of me doing my 5-step mohawk pattern better than ever, backward outside 3-turns on BOTH feet, some better Waltz jumps and my ChaCha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSGli5PRRhs


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I like a lot of feedback from my coaches – if I don’t immediatly get it I will ask for it.

So today we learned a new move in our ice dance lesson; we try the move and I ask coach “Was that good?”
His response: “You just learned it, why would it be good?”

LOL! I ❤ my coach!

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An ice rink is 85′ x 200′. It should be big enough for a few low-level skaters to practice in. But last week there wasn’t enough ice in the world.

Sometimes there are close calls on the ice – it happens at every level. Last week my partner* had a close call with a rather frail beginner skater. There was no contact but it was as close as you can get. My partner was a little rattled and the other skater, who was going backward at the time and not looking, didn’t even know what happened. Their coach did see it and had the same OMG! reaction I had.

So 30 minutes later I hear the coach telling some other skater about the near collision and adding some inaccurate details. Then the skater takes it upon themself to educate my partner and me that you need to watch out for other skaters. That didn’t sit well with my partner and he told the skater to buzz off. And he was totally right. Not only was he not being reckless, but he’s not a child. He knows — and does — watch out for others.

What motivated that coach to talk behind our backs — in earshot no less — is beyond me. That’s juvenile and unprofessional. But what isn’t beyond me is to never take a lesson with them and never recommend them to a student. That coach can bet their skates they’ll never see a penny from me.

And what motivated that skater to be such a busybody is beyond me too. Did they think we were going to bow down to them and hug the boards for the rest of our skating lives? They know they’re going to continue to see us on the ice and that it’s going to be ackward from now on. I’m in no way going to stop being polite to them, but it’s going to be different.

So here’s the lesson: Ice rinks are small places. I’m not talking about the size of the rink; I’m talking about the skating community associated with the rink. Let’s all try to get along. I think everyone wants the best for everyone else’s skating – and if you don’t then I’d watch out for karma more than any dance team.

*I forgot to tell you: I found an ice dance partner! It’s not a super serious partnership, like he’s not interested in going to the Olympics, but he does want to become a better dancer. So we’re taking dance lessons together, learning partner skills and getting a really strong foundation from a really great coach…and we spilt the pro’s fee. 😉  (Honestly, I give it four weeks, tops.)

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So I did the impossible: I found an ice dance partner!!!

That is the hardest thing in figure skating – way harder than a quad or a triple-triple combination. So why am I still struggling??? Because I can’t find any one to teach us!!! Ridiculous – I know!

I found an awesome coach for MITF, Freestyle and Figures. He’s technically a better coach than my previous coaches, but I still miss my old coaches.  Anyway, he doesn’t teach ice dance. And apparently not that many people do!

I found two dance coaches at my current rink. They both turned me down. One said she’s not qualified to teach a team. (That makes no sense to me.) The other, well he didn’t turn me down exactly, he just is ignoring me. I e-mailed him, I called, even the coach that turned me down e-mailed him since their friends – no response!

What really bugs me is that he is one of the few coaches who advertises his business. If you don’t want business don’t advertise!

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Ice dancing is wonderful! I heart it! But my coach has a disgusting infection on his face and it smells.

I didn’t notice it earlier because all our dances were in Killian postion, but now that we’re dancing face-to-face I smell it.

It was pretty easy to broach the subject with him. I said “Hey, your face smells.” Pretty easy, huh.


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I’m Not A Loser

But I feel like one.

So two weeks ago, after I passed five skating tests in one session (I’m still getting congratulated by people I don’t know) my coach was all excited and said I should test the next MITF level and dances. He looked over the Adult Bronze MITF and exclaimed “This is going to be easy!”

Then today he tells me I’m not testing. I’m not ready… for any of it. I feel a little loserish – he said it was easy and I can’t do it.

I knew I wasn’t going to be ready for the MITF test, but I was really excited to test the Swing and Cha Cha dances. Oh well, at least I won’t have to stress about what dress to wear. (Of course I wouldn’t wear the same dress I wore to the last test, I’m not a loser like Michelle Obama.)

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Hopefully by now you’ve tried ice dancing … and love it!

Now, if you’re like me, remember why you started ice dancing: to improve your freestyle skating.

Next, put some of your ice dancing elements into your freestyle program.

I know, what a good idea. It’s not mine.

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