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Men’s Free Skate (I missed most of it!)

Adam Rippon – Ok, he messed up a lot but he did one of my favorite rare spins. After he fell on his ass he did a cross-foot spin – so Robin Cousins! (Coach J has a cross-foot spin in his holiday program that I choreographed – which he better be practicing.)

Daiskue Takahashi – I liked the headless spin at the end.

Nobunari Oda – I like watching him, even when he falls it’s flowy. And Scott Hamilton needs to zip it because I think he has lots of showmanship, it’s just mature. He seems very professional and I appreciate that.

I also rewatched Rachael Flatt’s long – I think she should have bangs, like Catherine Zeta-Jones did in “Chicago.”


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More Skate America

Free Dance (I missed the first group)

First off I watched it on Universal Sports and it was weird not having any commentators. Not bad, just weird.

Ekaterina Riazanova and Ilia Tkachenko – What was that? I HATED how similar their outfits were. Yes, she was wearing a skirt and he pants but I didn’t like it how they both wore white tops, red belts and black bottoms – too matchy matchy. Again, not bad, just weird.

The Shibutanis – Adorable. And maybe a little slow.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje – I liked it better than when I saw them skate it at an earlier Grand Prix event.

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier – I liked it. And that ending lift where she starts off behind him and he flips her over was so cool.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White – I don’t care that they fell – that was smokin’! And I notice they like Waltz jump into their twizzle sequence and I just got to think that’s super difficult. I think they should have gotten the gold and the silver because no on else was even close to their level.

The Ladies (Again, I missed the first group, including my new fav Mae Bernice):

Caroline Zhang – Yes her body has “matured” but I still think she skates beautifully and I was happy to see she still does the Pearl spin.

Rachael Flatt – She’s going to be a great performer but right now when her choreography gets “sassy” she reminds me of that annoying little kid at every rink who thinks she’s the shit but no one else (except her mom) thinks she is. I hope she’ll turn out like Rosalyn Sumners.

Joshi Helgesson – I loved it! It was enjoyable to watch and technically difficult – see ladies it can be done!

Kanaka Murakami – Her short program to that 50s music was so fun, this “Mask of Zorro” long isn’t doing it for me. (And it’s not just the music. Look at Mao Asada’s “Moscow Bells” long at the Olympics and then at Worlds. At the Olympics it was drudgery, but at Worlds is was wonderful. It should be like the music is sweeping you around not like you’re chasing it.) But I did like her hot pink socks.

Carolina Kostner – Her opening pose is stunning! The jumps were rough, but everything else worked, and that dress! I want that dress!!!!

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… and just not feeling it?

A lot of the ladies are using weird music and costumes (Jenna McCorkel!) and a lot of them have over-fussed choreography.
I know the new rules are encouraging skaters to grab their foot a lot and stuff but it just doesn’t always look pretty.
If your choreography isn’t pretty why would you do it? If your dress isn’t pretty (Jenna McCorkel!) why would you wear it?

Mae Bernice Meite of France was delightful to watch. She made everything look so easy and her choreography flowed with the pretty music. Her dress was also gorgeous, but using that dark mesh – I know she’s black and it was to match her skin color but – and all that bling just made the dress too dominant. When I look at her I want to see her face not her dress.

I’m also annoyed at ice dancers Lynn Kriegendrairut and Logan Giuleitti-Schmidt. I was watching them warm up for the short dance and thought she was just stunning! That dress is gorgeous!!!! Her hair and makeup is gorgeous!!!! She’s gorgeous!!! Their skating is gorgeous. And then their music came on. I almost couldn’t watch. It was some slow, boring Kelly Clarkson song that I’d probably only listen to if I just wanted to cry.

Now these German dancers, Stefanie and Tim. Hmmm.
I thought I was going to hate it because she looks fat in that dress. (She’s not fat! But the blue milkmaid number makes her look zaftig.)
But the music is so nice and they kept doing weird things – like kiss in the middle of the program and that split lift where she sticks her head under his armpit – that I couldn’t look away.

The Russian ice dancers are so good! Ekaterina and Ilia’s dance make me want to grab my skates and find a rink.

The Brits, Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland, were good. I loved their rotational lift!

OMG! Chris and Cathy Reed! They were practicing at my rink a few months ago – total ice hogs! (but aren’t all ice dancers? 😉
The weird thing is I find my attention going to him and not her – same as when I skated with them. He just has such a presence.

Maia and Alex Shibutani. I loved everything about it! The dancing, the dress, the music. I can’t wait for their long!

Caitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. Did they kiss too? Is that a required element? But really good. They remind me of early Tanith and Ben.

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier. Coolest lift ever!!!!!!!!! But what’s with the timer that keeps going off in the music? I never heard a recording of “Fallin” that was cut during a bake-off.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White. I love how Meryl holds her head – simply gorgeous. And I don’t care if Charlie put a hand down on the twizzle; as long as his hair didn’t put a hand down they shouldn’t get a deduction.

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