Mens Long

Douglas Razzano: I really like his costume. I love the music! I think after he fell on his quad his face looked a little disappointed but the rest was so nice!

Sean Rabbitt – He’s a tall drink of water! His arms are soooo long! Well, he smiled throughout the whole thing, and I like that!

Grant Hochstein: I love Don Quoitxe! So his bent leg camel spin begs a good question, if a move is difficult, yet ugly, should you do it? Also, his costume is only a tiny step above what Max Aaron wears. He just wasn’t regal enough to be Don.

Nathan Chen: I’ve been waiting for him to be a senior! It was nice.

Richard Dornbush; Take out all the jumps in the first half and it was great..

Max Aaron: That was jump-mazing! The performance was good too! I love when he died at the end! Just the hair needs to not look crunchy in the back.

Adam Rippon: EN FUEGO AGAIN!!!! This was even better than yesterday! This was amazing!!! It wasn’t about the music. It wasn’t about his costume. It wasn’t about his cheoreography. It wasn’t about his technique or the spins or the jumps. He has all that, always has. This was about his confidence. He stepped on the ice with confidence and he skated confidently and that’s what it was about.

Ross Miner: That’s the first time I wasn’t a Ross Miner fan. I don’t want to listen to opera at 5 p.m. on a Sunday.

Jason Brown: I hate that his pants are baggy. Just wear tights. It was really good…but it wasn’t Adam Rippon good. I’m disappointed he’s in first above Adam.

Jeremy Abbott: No commentary because it didn’t feel like he was competing.

Joshua Farris: I’d like to see this performance put him in 3rd place. I liked his movement, I just didn’t feel it as much I did Adam’s.

Ok, Jason in 1st, Adam 2nd and Joshua Farris 3rd. Only 2.5 points between 1 and 2nd..



What an awesome US Nationals so far!

I loved the pairs competition!
But, in Alexa Scimeca and Christopher Knierim’s short program there was this part in their footwork where they did this cool foot stamp thing and I thought the music was going to build but it went in the opposite direction; that was disappointing.

I loved the ice dance competition!
Maia Shibutani looked so pretty in baby blue!
Madison Chock and Evan Bates’ opening acrobatic move where he’s in a second position squat and holding her up by her feet and then she flips into a 360 and does a like split-leg backflip out of it was awesome!
The team who danced to Danse Macabe was so cool BUT I just wanted to pull that beige layer of her skirt out. It was too much skirt.
Jon-Luc Baker and his partner were great! I got to skate on the same ice with him about 7 years ago in Washington, it was so nice to see how he’s developed into an amazing dancer.
Maddison Hubbel and Zach Donahue – I loved your choice of music – great use of lyrics! Maddison, please pull your top up like half an inch. Zach, please shorten your tunic about an inch.

The ladies short program was wonderful!

Ashley Wagner was great! I’m conflicted that she looks so tough sometimes. Like I like that she’s not so sugary sweet, but I don’t want to like her because she scares me a little.

Courtney Hicks looked awesome! At first I thought it was Lady Gaga on the ice but it was Courtney Hicks! I loved that she had nothing blingy in her hair. I loved her in black. I thought her program was great!

Polina Edmunds. I was disappointed. I didn’t like royal blue for this program, but she looked very beautiful. When I heard she was skating to Latin music I thought it would be more like her short program last year, but it was kinda slow.

Amber Glen was a treat – so classy!

Gracie Gold – two-footed landing on the combo jump, and it was nice, but it wasn’t awesome. I did notice that some people in the audience clapped for her spiral – I miss spirals.

Mairah Nagasu looked exquiite! So beautiful. I want that dress. She skated like a lady.

Karen Chen: The Tower by Clint Mansell is one of my favorite skating songs and she performed awesome to it! I want to see so much more from her.

Men’s Short:

Adam Rippon: EN FUEGO! He was awesome!!!

Jason Brown: My husband asked if he’s the kid from “Third Rock From The Sun.” 😦
Lose the chain on the costume, I can’t stop looking at it flap around.
That was great! Loved the Blues music! He’s America’s next Scott Hamilton.

Max Aaron: Wow he put four crystals on his shirt.
Um, let’s please add a no country music clause to the new lyrics rule, especially no country covers of awesome pop songs.
I don’t get how black leggings and white top goes to “Footloose.” Do you?
Please, someone tackle him and hack that hair off with your skate blade!
That said – the technical elements were great. The cheoreography was like something my husband would think of when he thinks of figure skating – like I think it did a disservice to men’s figure skating.

Joshua Farris: Whoever is directing the cameras for this championship is killing me. They’re on the skater and then as they start to skate they’re not following the skaters – hello we want to see them skate. I love his camel spin!!! He liked pulled his leg near his head and twisted his torso toward the ceiling – amazing!!! I loved his tango stop ending! I really liked it. I would watch it again.

Jeremy Abbott: Not liking the goatee. Is that a tattoo?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tattoo in amateur competition. That skid spiral just gets me right in the heart. He’s in 3rd place and Tara and Johnny are surprised – I’m not. I actually think Adam Rippon should be higher than 5th.

Does anyone else think getting bonus points in the second half of the short program is silly. I get it in the long program, but in the short I think it’s silly.

Ladies Free Skate

Mariah Bell: It’s too much dress for her tiny stature, especially with her hair pulled back and flat on her head. First, it’s very blue (like the “Sisters” routine in “White Christmas.”) The two seams on the front of the dress bother me. It doesn’t give her a waist. How high the skirt goes when she jumps bothers me. The shiny leotard – oh it’s bedazzled. The pouffy sleeves. The blue blingy thing in her hair. It’s just like the dress is skating and not her.

Hannah Miller: Holy opening spin! It went on forever! The bling on the front of that dress is beautiful up close, but at a distance when she’s whizzing around it looks like a giant icicle down the front of her dress. I love how she holds her head.

Samantha Cesario: I think I like her so much because she does everything how I would do it stylistically  I loved it! I love her! Best spread eagles, with the back bend. I hope she pulls way up from 11th. – She’s in first!!!!

Tyler Pierce: I like the upper back part of her dress. And I like her jumps. Other than that I’m not sure what’s going on in this program…I have no idea what the story is. And she needs to take head holding lessons from Hannah Miller.

Amber Glenn: The back of her dress doesn’t match the front of her dress – like they’re two different styles. There’s like a bobby pin sticking straight out of her bun. That was a “Sky-fail.”

Leah Kaiser: That’s a pretty dress, very elegant in the back. She didn’t look like she wanted to be skating.

Maira Nagasu: She hit the boards! I think she hurt her right leg 😦
Ok, so she finishes the program. Starts to cry and goes to the boards and tell her coach, Tom Z., she’s in pain and he sends her back out to take her bows. Then they go to the Kiss n Cry and she’s telling him she thinks something is broken and he’s just like yeah, medical is here, he just didn’t seem concerned enough.

Karen Chen: My husband said it’s like she’s doing 50 times more jumps than the others. I loved it! She never stopped moving. Such speed, such technique – only 15! She also reminded me of the little Russian skaters (I swear Johnny and Tara can read my mind.)

Courtney Hicks – The crown of pearls in her hair was pretty. Other than that see my last review of this program.

Ashley Wagner: PLAY IT AGAIN! That was so good I want to watch it again right now! She showed heart! She told a story! She brought me in – I was skating with her, I felt something!!!! She said before she skated she was terrified but she but herself out there anyway – that’s was being a performer is! I do have one criticisim, was her last spin cut short because she was going to go over the music?

Gracie Gold: “Brass knuckles under velvet gloves is ladies figure skating.” – Johnny Weir
So she had a fall. And it had no where near the performance value of Ashley’s, but it was good. And it was exciting. She’s in second.

Polina Edmunds: I thought she did a much better job with this program. I still hate all the stuff in her hair and the front of the dress. I’m really just dying to know if Karen Chen makes the podium.

Ashley the gold and Gracie the silver.

Also, RIP Tollar Cranston. Your cheoreography for Rosylnn Sumners’ “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” program is still one of my favorites.

So I caught half of Fashion on Ice today (or Style On Ice).

The Kerrs looked ridiculous in their sailor-inspired get ups. Her dress was ok, but the red socks were terrible. And his outfit was too over-the-top next to hers.

Ryan Bradley was dressed nice, but why is his hair always a mess? Awesome backflip landed on one foot!

I don’t care what Jeremy Abbott wears, his skating style is beyond reproach, but I liked the bling down his back.

I haven’t seen Sasha Cohen skate in a long time and she was fabulous as usual…I just hate her short curly hair. It’s because it makes her look a little Betty Boop – like and I don’t like Betty Boop and her dress show a little too much cleavage.

Joannie Rochette’s french maid outfit was sassy!

Sarah Hughes’s outfit was daring. She shouldn’t have done that heel grab move in it.

Meryl and Charlie were moving and brilliant and I love them and their black outfits were awesome.

Skate Signs

I did an extraordinary thing today: I went skating on a Saturday.

I usually eschew the busy weekend sessions, even quit a nice job a few years ago so i could skate on the empty weekday ice, but today was beautiful so i seized the day and drove to the outdoor rink!

And then i drove past it because it looked really busy.

Instead i went into a little consignment shop and while i browsed i heard the cashier tell a customer her total was $11.11; a significant number to a significant person in my skating education. Maybe it’s a sign i thought that i should go back to the rink.

I kept browsing and in the book section was a copy of “My Sergei.” (If you don’t know what “My Sergei” is why are you reading this blog? You are lost. Please type hockey into your search engine.) So i see the book and think “but there were so many people on the ice.”

I left the shop and went into the market. I got a beautiful pane abruzzese and at the checkout they have a little electronic billboard and what are they advertising…that the rink is open!

So i go to the rink.
The crowd had died down.
The sun is shining.
The ice was just cut.
And i skate.
On a Saturday!


Today was gorgeous! 55 degrees and sunny – the perfect weather for outdoor ice skating at the holiday rink. But was i skating? Nope! I was at the dentist.


Gracie Gold – short program – The skating was beautiful, if Dick Botton was there he would have said “first rate.” Wasn’t entertaining though.

Polina Edmunds – that dress. I thought the program was performed better today.

Christina Goa – Mistakes and just lifeless.

Satoko Miyahara – Is it just me or do her skates look big?

Kanako Murakami – My husband is watching with me, a rare occurance, and said “Hey! There’s lyrics!” I asked him what he thinks about allowing lyrics and he said “What does it matter.”

Alena Leonova – I thought she started off strong and then it got sloppy.

Gracie Gold – During that long program my husband was playing Clash of Clans. Trust me, if the music was better he would have watched the pretty blonde girl skate.

Konstatin Menshov – It’s he wearing a sponsor’s logo? No, it says press. Johnny Weir says he’s program is about journalists in war torn countries. And their were gunshots in the music. 1. What about journalists in war turn countries? I didn’t get what, if anything, he was trying to say about them. (If he was saying it with his jumps then the story would be that they start off strong with quads and end up with singles.) 2. The best use of gunshots in a men’s program was that Finnish guy who skated in a canteliever and was during a finger gun. But he wasn’t 31.

Tasuki Machida – i like all his little leaps. And the last jump where he did the back bend into triple Lutz reminded me of Kristi Yamaguchi.

Denis Ten – the colors if the shirt are ugly..i can’t watch this.