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I think there is a little boy flower sweeper – how cute!


I missed Grant’s skate.

Dennis Ten – I’ve never been a fan.

Dennis Visajevs – I think he has SO much potential! Loved the first the minutes. I wished he skated to more mature music because his line is so mature. (wow Alexi Urmanov got old)

Max Arron – I feel no artistry at all from him, but I was cheering each of his awesome jumps.

Michael Breznia – I used to love this kid…he’s just making it look like work 😦

Ivan Righini – skating for Italy…he looks like a squat Emmanuel Sandhu…but I think he wants to be Florant Amodio…I let out the biggest cheer when he did that Rippon Lutz! How cool for Adam Ripon to be competing against men doing his move. Well that was enjoyable. I like that he skated to Pink Floyd because he seemed too like the music (get it Max Aaron?)

Adam Rippon – A skating program has not brought me to tears in a long time. Thank you, Adam! I didn’t want it to end!

Mikhail Kolyada – Put this kid in Leeann Miller’s or Christopher Dean’s hands and we would have magic. Sublime jumps. He had consistent energy. He emoted…but it was the Nightmare Before Christmas. I just want him out of a onsie.

Yuzuru Hanyu – This is how much I don’t get the hype about this guy: I prefer my skating to his skating. If a fairy came right now and said Stephanie, do you want to skate like Yuzuru and do quads and keep your hands clenched the whole time? or do you want to skate like you, no jumps, now get dizzy when you spin, but with a big smile…I’ll always choose me.

Jin Boyang – Did someone check his birth certificate? He looks and strokes like a 10 year old. I just want to push his shoulders down! I liked his little single tuck toe loop.

Javier Fernandez – That had me out if my chair! This is why figure skating is a sport – it’s competition! He crushed Yuzuru’s 12 point less! He still needs to think his eyebrows a bit, but other than that how awesome! And I love the program! Omg he did it! He surpassed Yuzuru! First place!

Shoma Uno – I love this kid! He’s like a little magical elf. Kneebend for days!

Patrick Chan – His face had been bothering me less…but he looks nervous. It’s so hard to skate to piano music, Patrick and Jeffrey Buttle do it the best. Is that a tattoo on his right shoulder? So not his best skate, hit the wall, being a baby about it complaining about the ice.

Gold: javier
Silver: yuzuru
Bronze: jin
Patrick 5th
Adam 6th
Max 8th


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